Heaven is Here | CANDY in Las Vegas

Last Tuesday, CANDY made their way to Post 8 in Vegas for a stop on their tour with Vein, Regulate, and Living Weapon. This is their second tour after releasing their sophomore full-length album ‘Heaven Is Here’ with Relapse Records.

CANDY, made up of Zak Quiram on vocals, Michael Quick and Andrew Stark on guitar, Kaleb Perdue on bass, and Steve DiGenio on drums, is uninterested in being confined in their music and their live performances.

The room was packed almost out the door with people eager to witness all four touring bands. CANDY was third on the bill after Regulate and Living Weapon and kept the energy of the previous bands going. The band aims to provide their listeners with a journey that creates an outlet for overwhelming feelings through their music, and they were able to replicate that with their set. CANDY had the crowd fully engaged, connecting with those in the room. Everyone seemed to have a genuine good time releasing all their energy song after song.

Make sure to catch CANDY on the rest of their tour and listen to ‘Heaven Is Here.’

CANDY: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Apple Music | BandCamp

Photos: Gaby D.

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