Last month, the Barroom Blitz packed the house full of hungry-eyed, blood-thirsty patrons. The first set by The Stiff Nights, during which the lead singer hurled himself off-stage at a nearby heckler, set the tone for the rest of the night. Roman Candle and Twist of Cain followed with brain-churning sets, igniting a frenzy of […]


Heartsick and Well-Rehearsed

Last February, I found myself listening to Touché Amoré’s Stage Four like it was water for my defeated soul. I felt selfish relating to an album that’s so obviously about the heartbreak of death while all I was feeling was the heartbreak from a breakup, but grief can take many grizzly forms. Grief can hit […]

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Water Boys Strike Out – A Conversation with Pure Sport on their Latest Music Video 

Distinct with business professional attire and HR-demandant eroticism, Pure Sport LLC has increased their market share in the Las Vegas music market over the past four quarters. Pure Sport consists of Jared Scott (bass and vox), Justin Tejada (guitar), and Gage Walker (drums) with their fans making up the entirety of their company’s unpaid employees. […]

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Back Home: City of the Sun

April 29th, 2023: City of the Sun ended their tour with a memorable night where it all started: New York City. The four-piece, instrumental band got their start in New York back in 2011 and put out their debut EP, Live at the Factory, in 2014. Ten years later, they are back at the end […]

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Dear Las Vegas Weekly:

Dear Las Vegas Weekly: The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention an incident of plagiarism that did not go unnoticed by the Astr0mag team. While the incident is relatively minor, it’s no less urgent to us. We write in the hopes of avoiding situations like this one in the future. On […]

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