All Roads Lead to the Gun Tour | Militarie gun

Earlier this month, LA-based “hardcore-bending” Militarie Gun stopped in Vegas for their penultimate stop on their Fall 2022 tour.

The night began with Las Vegas hardcore bands Dissociate and Roman Candle. Though Dissociate and Roman Candle are fairly new, they’ve already gathered quite the following after Dissociate released their first single “Abuse of Conscience” earlier this month while Roman Candle released their EP Discount Fireworks (2022) back in October. Both releases were met with praise by the Vegas music scene. Third on the bill was Close Combat, which I’ve seen a few times, and honestly, they never disappoint. It’s always a good time seeing them.

Hardcore punk band Entry was next. During their set, lead vocalist Sara would prowl the stage and fall to her knees, consumed by each song. She thanked the crowd for being so welcoming every time they’d been in Vegas. After Entry, Public Opinion took over the stage. They had the whole crowd nodding their heads along to each song. The band expressed their love for both touring bands and dedicated their performance to them. Near the end of their set, vocalist lan Shelton of Militarie Gun joined them on stage for a song.

Finally, it was time for Militarie Gun. The band started their set with “Ain’t No Flowers” and followed it with their single “Let Me Be Normal” from their latest release, All Roads Lead to the Gun (2022). All Roads Lead to the Gun (2022) is a collection of their previously released EPs with three new songs featuring MSPAINT and Woolworm. Though they didn’t perform any of the new songs, they played “Fell On My Head,” “Disposable Plastic Trash,” and “Don’t Pick Up The Phone.” They then switched it up and played every song from their EP My Life is Over (2020). They wrapped up the night with their song “Pressure Cooker,” followed by “Big Disappointment.”

Usually, I’m very anxious before a show. This one, in particular, I was super nervous because I’d be photographing one of my favorite bands of this year, and I didn’t want to mess up. But as I walked through the venue door, I felt safe. The feeling in the room was both energetic and communal. After each band ended their set, more and more people would pour into the venue, but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t always a crowd at the front of the stage getting really into it, screaming along to almost every word for every band. Even with such a big bill, the show flowed smoothly, never allowing a dull moment to form.

Though this tour is over, you can catch Militarie Gun when they return to the road in December.

Militarie Gun: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music | BandCamp

Public Opinion: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music | BandCamp

Entry: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music | BandCamp

Close Combat: Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music | BandCamp

Roman Candle: Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music | BandCamp

Dissociate: Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music | BandCamp

Photos By: Astro


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