20-year-old rising indie artist EKKSTACY is opening for Purity Ring in Vegas on July 25th. If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, now is the time. 

A fuse of indie, post-punk, and synth wave, EKKSTACY takes influence from film and indie/alt-rock music. Last year, EKKSTACY released his debut album NEGATIVE that unveiled his ever-expanding sound influenced by his contemporary indie-pop heroes, scattered with mid-80s British indie rock, complemented by the dark, introspective songwriting of early 2000’s alternative and emo-rock. NEGATIVE is a chronological telling of his first love – starting with the relationship’s demise and ending with its beginning. EKKSTACY put attention into detail when it came to creating the LP. When speaking to AP he explained, “If you read the names of every song, it turns into a poem. It just flows like a paragraph or something.”

1. i walk this earth all by myself

2. then i met her

3. it only gets worse, i promise

4. i want to be by your side

5. for forever

6. but there is always hatred

7. in love

EKKSTACY recently took part in Pigeons & Planes and Big Ass Kid’s See You Next Year compilation album campaign executive-produced by Mike Dean. His song “I Guess” is a riff-heavy synth-filled bright spot on the album. 

Keep a lookout for new releases by EKKSTACY and catch him tomorrow night at AREA15. 

EKKSTACY: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Apple Music | Spotify | SoundCloud | PreSave “wish i was dead”

Photo Credit: @ekkstacy

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