CANDY: Back at Post 8 with BIB

Earlier this week on Sunday night, CANDY was back at Legion Post 8 touring with raw, noisy, Omaha band BIB. CANDY is finishing up a third tour for their latest album release Heaven Is Here, Las Vegas being their eighth stop on the West Coast Tour. This January tour also included gigs in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and even British Columbia. 

Opening up for CANDY and BIB was some local Vegas hardcore: DISSOCIATE and Scrutiny. The crowd was amped and full of energy that they vigorously released throughout the show, heads banging at the edge of the stage and bodies jumping off of it onto the crowd. 

CANDY will be heading east in February for another tour with Division of Mind and Fleshwater. Later this year, CANDY will make their way overseas for Outbreak Fest 2023 in Manchester, UK. 

Listen to CANDY’s album Heaven Is Here and stay updated with both CANDY and BIB on Instagram for future gigs and music releases. 

CANDYInstagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Apple Music | BandCamp

BIB: Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

Scrutiny: Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

Dissociate: Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music Bandcamp

Article By: Erika Nunez

Photos By: Astro


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