Cowgirl Clue in NYC

March 11th, 2023: Cowgirl Clue’s concert in New York City was the place to be that Saturday night. At Racket, one of my favorite venues located in Chelsea, we were in for a great time. It can be rare to find a good combination with multiple openers, but Cowgirl Clue cracked the code. The night […]

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Chloe Southern in NYC

March 5th, 2023: During this intimate night of music, Chloe Southern completely blew us away. Her strong voice filled the room at Power Station in NYC, a space provided by Berklee College of Music where Chloe graduated from in 2022. Chloe is regularly playing shows in the New York City area. Her first EP, “Last […]

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Riz La Vie in New York

February 26th, 2023: It was a very special night at Bowery Ballroom. Riz La Vie was performing and celebrating his birthday with a room full of adoring fans. The energy was high as we all stood in that room to shout “Happy Birthday” to an artist we all love and adore. The night started off […]

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A Gauzey Night at Eagle Aerie Hall

On President’s Day night, Slow Crush made their stop in Vegas while on tour with Trauma Ray and Death Bells with a special opening by Las Vegas skramz band, Roman Candle. Eagle Aerie Hall was filled with shoegazers who had made the drive down to locally named “Hendertucky” for a gauzy reverbed dreamscape show.  Roman […]

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Ha Vay, Elevated Undergrounds, and Madison Deaver at the Griffin

Chaotic winds and dust storms didn’t stop the show from going on at the Griffin this past Tuesday night on February 21st. Touring band Hay Vay from San Francisco joined local bands Elevated Undergrounds and Madison Deaver. The crowd was decently sized considering the weather conditions. Outside, Fremont street was nearly empty, everyone inside avoiding […]

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An Interview with Rose Levee

Rose Levee is a four-piece band made up of Daniel Hernandez on lead guitar, Charlotte Leon on vocals, Jo Avila on bass, and Carlos Herrera on drums. Rose Levee refuses to be boxed into a single genre. They derive their unique sound from a plethora of influences ranging from their distinct tastes in music and […]

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