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On the weekend of October 28-29th, The Growlers held a festival in San Pedro, California alongside many other bands. Butthole Surfers, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Danny Brown were just some of the few. People are used to going to Beach Goth, something that The Growlers have hosted and presented for years now. However, […]


An Interview with Baz Francis

November 11, 2017: Late this April, Baz Francis released his first solo studio album “Face That Launched A Thousand Shipwrecks” followed by his album “Trainwrecks In The Desert / Giza 2017” – a live album he recorded while on the road in Egypt. We were able to speak to him about his music, his world tour, and what’s in store […]

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Kicked Off the Streets – Trump Nation

Ever since 2017 has started and Trump’s presidency began, it seems as if the world is crumbling to pieces… literally.  Today’s youth has done an exceptional job of “staying woke” by participating in protests, petitioning, benefits, and more. The band “Kicked Off the Streets” from Glendora, California made the song titled “Trump Nation” – a fast-paced […]

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Cal Jam 17

October 7th, 2017: It was a warm day in San Bernardino, California. The sun was radiating down on the long lines of eager people waited to enter the Glen Helen Amphitheater for the Cal Jam 2017 Festival. Pinky Pinky and StarCrawler kicked off the day, but my day began with the last two songs from […]

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“Everything” Beach Bums

What a perfect way to end the month of September! The amazing band Beach Bums released their second album titled “Everything” and hosted two back to back album release parties in the weeks that followed. Before the album “Everything” there was “Lucid Dream.” “Lucid Dream” came out on Christmas of 2015. Included in this album […]

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Get to Know: Wolf Boy

When did you start creating under the name Wolf Boy? Wolf Boy is a thing I started back on the summer of 2016. During that time, I had an Indie band called The Jondoes, but I really wanted to do a totally different thing, so I had the idea of doing a solo project with […]

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