Wavves: King Of The Vegas Beach

Wavves made their way into Las Vegas for the second time in less than a year, but this time in celebration of the 12th anniversary of their LP King of the Beach.

Local band Chefs opened up the night. I only caught the end of their set, but those last few songs had the crowd excited. Chefs was followed by Chicago-based band Smut and their experimental poppy sound. After them was Boyo who had the crowd dancing nonstop.

Finally, the moment arrived. Wavves made their way onto the Triple B’s stage. The crowd had already been engrossed by the opening acts, but once the song ‘King of the Beach’ began, the room elevated to a whole different level. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was so enthralled by the band. The crowd seemed so connected at that moment. Song after song, the crowd danced, jumped, and sang along. The energy never died. It was one of the sweatiest pits I’ve ever been in, but the happiest one at that as well. Everyone was so excited to relive the middle school and high school memories that they created with this album and this band. The four-piece ended the night with the most popular song on the King of the Beach album, ‘Green Eyes,’ which wrapped everything up in the best way.

I’ve seen Wavves a couple of times now, and they never disappoint. Definitely keep a look out for when they’ll be doing a show near you. If you’re in Vegas, lead vocals Nathan DJs at Berlin Bar sometimes, so keep an eye out for that too.

Wavves: Instagram | Twitter |  Facebook | Spotify | Apple Music

Photos & Article: Gaby D.

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