Hello and welcome to Astr0mag.com!

Yes, Astr0 with a zero. No, we aren’t an astrology magazine and we don’t write about astronomy.

We’re actually a site dedicated to sharing and discovering music!

Find your new favorite artists through our interviews, our concert reviews, playlists, and more!

Astr0Mag is a place where YOU can share your own concert experiences, your music, and your artist inspired creations, so don’t be afraid to submit to the site!

Hang out with us for a while and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of music!*

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The Astr0Mag Team

Gaby – Creator, Writer, Editor, Photographer

I love a sick guitar solo, Cage the Elephant, and my dog. 

I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can remember – always craving to listen to something new and wanting to create music of my own – but growing up in a somewhat sheltered household, my music “discovery” was limited. I believe these limitations are the driving factors for the creation of Astr0Mag.

I created Astr0Mag as a way to share my favorite music and to help others discover and share their own favorite tunes in a positive environment.

Thanks for sticking around!

Elisa – Writer, Interviewer

What’s popping y’all!

I’m Elisa! Nice to virtually meet you! Fashion/alien/music enthusiast and dog mom is what I am. I enjoy sewing & making clothes and accessories.

Catch me live posting at shows – usually barricade view for you all on the Astr0Mag Instagram! I have been attending concerts since such a young age. Live music has always made me feel like I have a special place and purpose in this world.