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Meet the team

Gaby “Astro” Davila Ortiz Founder

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Gaby has been in love with music for as long as she can remember—always craving to listen to something new and wanting to create music of her own—but growing up in a somewhat sheltered household, her music “discovery” was limited. She believes these limitations are the driving factors for the creation of Astr0mag.

“With Astr0mag I want to share the music that sticks with me the most. A place where local and independent artists/bands can be showcased and celebrated! I hope to one day grow Astr0mag into a community of music-loving people. I hope you stick around with us!”


Erika Jasmin Nunez — Journalist


Erika is a writer based in Las Vegas. She writes fiction, poetry, and has recently begun to explore creative nonfiction through music journalism.

“I’ve always loved music. My dad was a DJ growing up, so I was always listening to something. I like how it brings people together and I’m excited to share more of what that looks like here in Vegas.”

Vlada Stark — Journalist


Vlada is a writer based in Las Vegas. She dabbles in all genres of the written word such as short fiction, screenplays, and zines. She is also an avid music fanatic and loves documenting the evolving music
culture in Vegas.

“I think my infatuation with music stems from my desire to know how music is connected to the human experience. I’ve always understood how other art forms are created, such as photography, writing, sculpting, etc. However, music has always remained an enigma to me. It is so mathematically complex when you delve into music theory, but it is also so inherently simple that everyone has a personal connection to music. I’d really love to understand why both artists and listeners enjoy music and how it is personally connected to their inner philosophies, nostalgic memories, or experimental aspirations.”

Karla Mendoza Journalist


Karla began her journalistic career writing for the Arts & Entertainment section of UNLV’s Scarlet & Gray newspaper, ultimately with the goal of narrowing her focus on the Las Vegas music scene.

“Music engulfs my life, growing up I took pride in my dad’s passion for DJ-ing and I was utterly taken with playing the violin. Bonding over music and exposing people to the talent and stories of local musicians is something I hope to accomplish with Astr0mag!”

Evelyn Flores Graphic Designer


Evelyn is a Graphic Designer based in Las Vegas and her work focuses on music, art, and beyond.

“Music has always been such an important part of my life and being able to bring my experience to life through designs has been such a dream. I’m excited to work on Astr0mag and continue meeting, and working with, more people in our local music community.”


Tharynn Rhae Olson Photographer


Tharynn is a music photographer currently based in New York City. She loves and lives music and photographing people doing what they are passionate about. 

“I am constantly learning how to expand my art and I love the challenge of trying to provide a new perspective for concert goers.”