Hello and welcome to Astr0 MAG! Astr0 MAG is a music blog created and run by Gaby. Gaby is an avid concert goer, who decided to take her love for music to a whole new level! She wanted to create a space where not only could she share her music and her concert experiences, but a place where anyone could share their music and concert experiences!

There will be weekly playlists, music updates, music video releases, and concert experience posts! This is a place where YOU can share your own concert experiences, your music, and your artist inspired creations so don’t be afraid to submit to our blog!

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 “Magazines and movies telling me what to be, I’m getting stripped of my own identity.”

– From the song “SKIN” by the GROANS

    My names Abby! My love for music runs extremely deep. The quote above comes from one of my favorite songs and has significance to me because I find the most beauty in people who are comfortable and proud to be living in the skin that they’re in.  I find freedom and solace through going to shows and concerts and meeting and talking to some of the other amazing souls that are apart of the scene. The music, the energy, the LOVE – THIS is what keeps me living, and I can’t wait to share my passion and experiences with our readers!