Tell Me That It’s Over | Wallows

On September 30th, Wallows, with support from Empath, made a stop at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas for their Tell Me That It’s Over Tour. This was Wallows first time headlining in Las Vegas, so it comes as no surprise that they sold out the night. People had waited in line to secure their spot at the barricade since the early hours of the morning – some being there since literally 6am. I’d think they’d say their long wait was worth it, as Wallows and Empath delivered an unforgettable night.

Empath, a self-described “gay ass rock” band (it’s on Bandcamp. Go look.) was up first. Their style is honestly something I wouldn’t have expected as an opener for Wallows solely based on how energetic and experimental they were, but I fell in love. I couldn’t take my eyes off the guitar players. The way they got so into it was mesmerizing. I literally had to go to the merch table the moment their set ended because how could I not support them after what I had just experienced?

Wallows were up next. The crowd erupted with excitement as the lights dimmed, signaling their arrival. They started their set with “Hard to Believe,” followed by “These Days.” The crowd was ELATED, and this energy did not stop the entire way through the set. The band also played other fan favorites: “Scrawny,” “OK,” and “1980s Horror Film.” During the second verse of “1980s Horror Film,” Braeden left the stage. His voice still filled the venue as he sang, but the crowd was left a little confused, unaware of his whereabouts. Suddenly, he reanimated on the second level of the venue where he sang among the excited concertgoers.

Within the sea of people, a few were holding up signs and gifts meant for the band. When these gifts, usually accessories, found their way onto the stage, Braeden would put them on. At one moment, he was sporting a red cowboy hat with lights around the rim, and at another, he had on a pink boa. The crowd loved it. The night soon came to an end, but not without an encore. Wallows ended the night with not one, but THREE encore songs: “I Don’t Want to Talk”, “Sidelines,” and “Are You Bored Yet?” I’d say the fans were left quite satisfied with their night out with Wallows.

Catch Wallows on the remaining dates of their tour. Listen to Tell Me That It’s Over.

Wallows: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music

Empath: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

Article & Photos: Gaby D.

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