Dizzy at the Oxford

Last weekend, Turnover made the final stop of their tour at 24 Oxford in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the help of Healing Potpourri, Turnover created a night Vegas will never forget.

The show kicked off with Healing Potpourri who captivated the crowd with their dreamy sound and visuals. They had the crowd swaying side to side with every song. There wasn’t a dull moment during their set. 

At 9:40 pm, Turnover hit the stage. It was the last night of the tour, and a sold-out show at that – Turnover gave it their all. The crowd was brimming with excitement. Turnover hadn’t been in Vegas since 2019, so the crowd was eager to hear some of their favorite songs for the first time in a long time.

They played songs from their albums Peripheral Vision (2015), Good Nature (2017), and Altogether (2019). They had a projector showering them with light that perfectly reflected the mood of every song they played. 

During “Plant Sugar,” the crowd seemed in a daze swaying back and forth to the beat. Everyone sang along to their favorite songs like “Dizzy On the Comedown” and “Like Slow Disappearing.” Vocalist Austin Getz introduced  “Much After Feeling” as a ”dancing one” and then followed it by “Pure Devotion,” a “song for the lovers”. Turnover even played their latest singles “Wait Too Long” and “Mountains Made of Clouds” which the crowd danced along to without hesitation. 

Getz couldn’t thank the Vegas crowd enough for the warm welcome, the great energy, and for selling out the final show of the tour. He reminisced on the first time they played in Vegas back in 2012 and on how much they have grown since then. 

Turnover is a band you don’t want to miss! Keep a look out for the next time they’re in a city near you. In the meantime, listen to their latest singles “Wait Too Long” and “Mountains Made of Clouds.”

Turnover: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | BandCamp | Spotify | Apple Music

Healing Potpourri: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | BandCamp

Article & Photos: Gaby D.

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