Walt Disco – Strange To Know Nothing

Introducing Walt Disco – a quintet from Glasgow  with influences that go further than music and into love, glamour, and androgyny. They’ve gained some fame from their unpredictable live performances. They’re crooning vocals and dark shimmering synth are sure to get your attention. When speaking on their latest single, “Strange To Know Nothing,” Walt Disco […]

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Pool Kids

Finding new music that I can listen to repeatedly without having to skip any songs is something rare; so when I do find a band or an artist to fully sink into, I’m happy. Lately i’ve been listening to this newer band I discovered called “Pool Kids”. They released one album titled “Music to Practice […]

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Berkley’s On Fire

Febuary 15th 2019, the day that changed my life forever. Why you ask? Ahh yes… the new SWMRS album was released. This 10 song beauty of an album really brings me back to the 80’s / 90’s rock era. It’s along the lines of a little angrier version of the iconic band No Doubt. Personally, […]

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It’s Not a Christmas Album, It’s a State of Mind | Long List of No Hits – Isaac Kuhlman

Long List of No Hits is an album made entirely by Isaac Kuhlman. This means it was written, composed, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, AND mastered just by him. Insane right? This rock album was created through the belief that artists shouldn’t have to stick with one sound especially since rock has a wide array of sounds. Isaac believes […]

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Just Like My – Homeshake

The solo artist ‘Homeshake’ just released a new single and video to give fans and listeners a little taste of what his next coming album will be like. The single is titled “Just Like My” and like the rest of Homeshake’s music, the song is a very soothing, chill beat along with his softly spoken […]

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