Feb. 6th: At 7:00 p.m. the doors of Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas opened up, letting the wild fans of Aminé inside. The night had just begun at Brooklyn Bowl when 454 came out rapping “ANDRETTI”, “FACETIME”, and “PISCES”  from his album 4 REAL. The crowd screamed the lyrics to every track. They were feeling 454 and wanted all he could give.

Lights went out before Cochise. WE all know who that is right? I mean, how could you not?

Okay. Anyways, before Cochise came on, lights flickered on and on to signal that he was about to come on. The crowd screamed for Cochise. FINALLY, Cochise came out, hyped and ready for the crowd to go wild.

From his album Benbow Crescent, Cochise played “YOGA FIRE FREESTYLE”, “Hatchback”, and his single “POCKET ROCKET”. When I say fans were going ham, I mean HAM. The ground was shaking. Fans were jumping up and down nonstop due to Cochise.

Finally, THE GREATEST arrived: Aminé. Aminé came out of his store set-prop “Alberta Market,” as the crowd screamed and went crazy for him. As you may know, Amine’s saying is, “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.” When he quotes this, the crowd is meant to yell, “I KNOW” which the high-spirited Vegas crowd did not fail in doing. He started off the night with songs ‘OKEME’ and ‘Between The Lines’ from his latest album TWOPOINTFIVE, followed by ‘Caroline’ and ‘Heebiejeebies’ from his album Good For You

The atmosphere at Brooklyn Bowl was immaculate all night long. Aminé performed like the end of time was nowhere to be found, and the fans went insane. Everyone jumped and danced to every song, matching Aminé’s energy. At one point, even a mosh pit formed!

Towards the end of the night, Aminé brought up his fan Simi to write whatever he wanted on his pants which can be found right here!

If you weren’t there, YOUR FAULT! You should’ve gone, but you didn’t, so YOUR FAULT. Don’t worry though, his tour is just getting started! 

Catch Aminé on the remaining dates for his BEST TOUR EVER tour for a night you won’t forget.

Aminé: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube | SoundCloud | TikTok

Cochise: Instagram | YouTube | Spotify | TikTok | SoundCloud

454: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

Article By: Aniya Washington

Photographer: Aniya Washington

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