The Aces in Vegas

On November 20th, alternative pop band The Aces dominated the 24 Oxford stage inside the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The four-piece captivated the crowd with every song they played. They played songs like ‘Lost Angeles,’ ‘Zillionaire,’ and ‘My Phone is Trying to Kill Me.’ They ended the night with ‘Daydream’ (or as Astr0Mag’s Elisa calls it, “The Fortnite song”) followed by ‘Waiting for You’ and ‘Stuck’ as the encore.

The Aces know how to create a real connection with their fans. Katie Henderson would play her guitar to individual people in the crowd. At the same time, vocalist Cristal Ramirez would sing to others. During ‘Thought of You,’ Cristal threw red roses into the crowd, creating an air of excitement within the venue. These small interactions made a big difference in the energy of the night. They made the show feel intimate.

The biggest takeaway from the night was how welcoming both The Aces and their fans are. They made the venue a comfortable space for all those that entered. I don’t think I have ever felt so safe at a show before.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend seeing The Aces. They create a great feeling at their shows that you will never forget!


Photos: Gabrielle D.

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