Wavves’ Hideaway In Vegas

Last Friday, Wavves played their first show in two years, and what better place to do so than in Vegas. The show began with the band sharing a drink with the 21+ crowd. Lead vocalist, Nathan Williams, warned that they might be a little off, but they did not disappoint!

They played songs like “My Head Hurts, “Nine is God,” and “Green Eyes.” They even played new songs they’d never played live before. We’d give them a 5/5 rating for sure.

The crowd went wild the whole set. Everyone was dancing and singing along to each song. It might’ve been after midnight, but the energy was very much alive in the venue. Nathan admitted that Vegas is his favorite place to play. Not in the way that artists say to every crowd they play – he genuinely loves it.

We can’t wait for Wavves to come back to Vegas. If you have the opportunity to, make sure to catch them on tour!

Listen to their latest album Hideaway below.

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