Rough – VIAL

“This mercury retrograde has got me down,” sings VIAL vocalist Taylor Kraemer in their song ‘Rough’ and I’ve got to say, in regards to this past retrograde, those words have never felt so real.

For a song that was written before the pandemic, ‘Rough’ by VIAL really captures the feeling of being years into this state that we’ve been living in. The song translates this feeling of inadequacy and being lost. It transports you into the mind of someone that’s constantly overthinking and full of regrets especially when it comes to those related to relationships.

“Thinking back to all the things I should’ve said… And now, stuck here, I just have to pretend…” the song begins – something that as someone in their 20s trying to navigate old and new relationships has never felt more true.

Listen to ‘Rough’ by VIAL below and tell us what you think!



PHOTO CREDIT: Juliet Farmer

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