As you may know, Weathers are on their My Friends Have Better Friends Tour with support from The Orphan The Poet and Moontower. Their first pit stop was at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, the best venue in all of Las Vegas.

Doors opened up at 6:30pm. Fans scanned their tickets to get in to see the first act Jake and David or as they’re known collectively The Orphan The Poet. Their fans went crazy! 

They opened up with their single “The Moxie,” followed by “Terrible Things,” and “Headstone” from their EP Queen Cobra (2019). For all of the One Direction fans in the crowd, David and Jake created some nostalgic vibes with a cover of “What Makes You Beautiful.” Before they went off stage, David went into the crowd to sing and interact with the fans one last time. They ended the night with their single “Queen Cobra” which the fans loved.

Next up was Moontower, who came out to hype up the crowd once again. They started off the night by performing songs from their EP Season 1: The Ballad of William Hollywood (2019). The fans chanted the lyrics to their single “Guess I’m Jaded.” Before heading off the stage, Jacob sat on the railing to talk to the crowd. He asked them to get closer and he spoke about being nice to people because that makes the world a better place.

Before Weathers came out, the lights flickered to tease the crowd, who had been waiting eagerly all night. The Orphan The Poet and Moontower had done their best at hyping the crowd up and bringing the atmosphere to life in the venue. The openers had the whole crowd singing along to their songs, and now everyone was ready to have a good time with Weathers!

Weathers finally made it onto the stage, everyone in the crowd was screaming. They had waited long enough for Weathers and were ready to go crazy! 

There was never a dull moment during the whole set. I mean, who can get bored of watching their favorite band bonding through music on stage, singing to a bunch of their fans? 

Can you? 

No, you can’t. 

Weathers started off the night off with songs from their album Pillows & Therapy (2019) which included “Rehab” and “Losing Blood.” When I say everyone in that room was feeling Weathers, I mean it to the max! Even Weathers was feeling Weathers. 

The trio also played songs from their album Kids In The Night (2018). When I say you couldn’t hear anyone if they were trying to talk to you because of how loud everyone was singing along with Weathers and enjoying their performance, I am not lying. And to think that this was their first day of the tour! 

Weathers ended the night with “C’est la vie.” During the song, lead vocalist Cameron Boyer divided the crowd, challenging each side to sing louder than the other. He said the right side was louder, but he most definitely lied. The left side won and I’m not only saying the left side won because I’m left-handed or anything. 

Anyways, every performance that night was great! The My Friends Have Better Friends Tour is definitely something you don’t want to miss because you’ll have fun with not only Weathers but with The Orphan The Poet and Moontower too. If you have yet to get a ticket to see Weathers on tour, in a city near you, it’s never too late to do it.

WEATHERS Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube

The Orphan The Poet: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | SoundCloud | YouTube

Moontower: YouTube | Instagram | Spotify | TikTok 

Article by: Aniya Washington

Photos by:  Aniya Washington


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