Almost Monday in NYC

January 30th, 2023: It was a very special first night of tour for San Diego-born band Almost Monday. Starting a tour in New York on your first headlining tour is a bold move. Some people like to warm up and come here towards the end, maybe the middle of their tour, but Almost Monday executed it incredibly. The night started with two openers you wouldn’t want to miss and then moved towards an electric set of all of Almost Monday’s entire discography, plus a few unreleased songs. 

This band is relatively new, which is an amazing thing because they already have a headlining tour where everyone knows their lyrics. We got to hear all of our favorite songs. The performance was so amazing as the combined passion the crowd and the band bring create something euphoric. Lead singer, Dawson Daugherty, gives the energy of a young Mick Jagger-Harry Styles-David Bowie sort of mix that is entrancing to watch. The rest of this tour is going to be a live experience you won’t want to miss!

Almost Monday: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

Article and Photos by Tharynn Olson


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