Dancing with Dayglow in D.C. | People in Motion Tour 

Austin-based futuristic indie pop band Dayglow stopped by the nation’s capital on their “People in Motion” tour for a two-night extravaganza at the legendary DC venue 9:30 Club – and based on the energy of the crowd, they’ll be back soon.

If you’re not familiar, Dayglow – spearheaded by Sloan Struble and supported by drummer Brady Knippa, keyboardist Norrie Swofford and guitarist Colin Crawford – combines dreamy eclectic guitar chord progressions, fast-paced tempos, and futuristic synth harmonies to create the ultimate feel-good indie rock experience. 

The group originally broke through with hit singles from their first Album Fuzzybrain released in 2019, featuring “Hot Rod,” “Run the World,” and their most popular hit (for good reason) – “Can I Call You Tonight.” 

The energy of the concert was reflective of the consistent mood of Dayglow’s music – upbeat, carefree, whimsical, and lighthearted. And the band fed off of the crowd – Sloan would take little breaks to jump and dance around nonchalantly, waving his arms while dancing in circles, soaking in the atmosphere. A quick shout to Norrie – “Norrie, give me the juice!” would prompt little synth solos that encouraged the crowd to emulate the band’s carefree dance moves. 

The band balanced the setlist with songs from their new album People in Motion with their more popular tunes from Fuzzybrain, but the liveliness of the crowd remained consistent throughout the entire setlist. 

The crowd’s impact on Sloan and the rest of the group was made evident during a break that featured 2 minutes of nonstop cheering, clapping, and affirmation – a touching moment that certainly left Sloan and the band emotional and in awe of the mark they’ve reached on listeners. 

Dayglow was cheered to return to the stage for an encore performance of their song “Second Nature,” followed by an abundance of support from the crowd as final words from the band were exchanged: “DC, we’ll be back!” 

If you can see Dayglow during their “People in Motion” tour for a high-energy, dance-heavy, feel-good experience that will leave you ready to run the world. 

Dayglow: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music

Article By: Miles Campbell


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