All 4 Nothing

The multi-platinum chart-topping singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Lauv released his second full-length album, ‘All 4 Nothing’ on August 5th. Lauv is known for his intriguing and inventive soundscapes; with this album he pushes himself as a storyteller, crafting an immersive and irresistible body of work steeped in moments of nostalgia, conflict, and ultimately, self-empowerment.

Many of the songs on ‘All 4 Nothing’ were written from freestyles, taking on a more fluid approach to making music and allowing Lauv to rediscover the fun in making it. Lauv recounts what was going on in his life through the use of more direct lyrics, channeling whatever emotion felt right during the writing process. Overall the stories within the album are of Lauv being in his mid-to-late-20s and realizing he had reached this big dream, yet still feeling like something was missing. “The album is about the death of a dream I was chasing and waking to that dream that was already there,” Lauv explains. 

‘All 4 Nothing’ is a confidence journey. It’s about finding peace, gratitude, and a calming sense of self. Lauv curates an energy of openness, wonder, and excitement, as well as an energy of vulnerability and realness. His goal was to open up a place within the listener where they could build themselves up. To do this, Lauv went through lots of meditation, inner child work, and existential questioning. The singer realized that to make the album he wanted, he had to feel okay within himself no matter what went on around him. 

Lauv expressed that though sometimes we may feel ashamed and want to conceal the dark sides of ourselves, putting them away can become exhausting. With this album, he establishes a balance of “light” and “darkness.”

“Up until now, I spent so much time trying to be something that I was actually ignoring what was right in front of me. If you want to really experience the magic of life, you don’t get to choose. You can’t pull magic from places where it doesn’t exist. You just have to be aware of its presence in your life, play with it, and create something with it. Ultimately, this album is all about surrendering to love and surrendering to life.”

Listen to ‘All 4 Nothing’ and catch Lauv on tour.

Lauv: Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Cover Photo: Sam Fisher

Album Artwork: Hannah Lux Davis

Article: Gaby D.

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