40 Days with Chanel Dela Cruz

What inspired the single “40 Days”? I was inspired by quite literally the worst break up of my life 😂 I was kind of over the hunch of crying and sleeping all day and i had eventually started going out again. I counted, it took about 40 days for me to start doing that 😂 […]

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Just Like My – Homeshake

The solo artist ‘Homeshake’ just released a new single and video to give fans and listeners a little taste of what his next coming album will be like. The single is titled “Just Like My” and like the rest of Homeshake’s music, the song is a very soothing, chill beat along with his softly spoken […]

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Grow – HOAX

HOAX are back and ready to redefine indie pop with their groovy second single Grow! Grow is about personal growth from a perspective of “being”. Through writing “Grow”, lead vocalist Mike Raj, discovered his own definition of what it means to grow. Mike says: “For me… to “Grow” means to reflect on what it means to you […]

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