Wrong | Elevated Undergrounds

Elevated Undergrounds is an alternative band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Made up of Gabbi on vocals, Fez on guitar, June on bass, and Joe on drums, the band take influence from 90s rock to create their unique sound. Elevated Undergrounds released their first single “Wrong” back in July.

AM: “Wrong” is your first recorded release. What led to the decision to make this the first single?
Gabbi: We actually intended to release a song called “Medicine” first. After recording three songs we felt very eager about “Wrong”. We loved the energy our live recording captured. It was one of the first songs I wrote. Fez, June, Joe, and Knicc elevated the song to a new level! I’m always grateful to work with my band and producer.

AM: The cover art for Wrong is of two people with hollowed out eyes dressed in a white wedding dress and a white tuxedo. I’m assuming the cover art relates to the lyrics “Big white dress and misery.” What can you tell us about it?
G: Indeed! That line was written to symbolize a wedding. I use this reference to highlight harmful heteronormative and patriarchal values. An A.I. app designed the photo. Me and my bandmate June played on that app after a show and cultivated the perfect picture. Wrong sees the unflattering side of societal expectations. Wrong sarcastically questions and criticizes the norms.

AM: In the second verse you sing, “Promise me empty things / Hold me down and let me up again / I’ve hit every wall you watched as I fall.” This part really stuck out to me. I would love to know more about what those lyrics mean to you.
G: I reference the highs and lows of being in a toxic partnership. I believe I was drawing from my own experience of feeling trapped in a relationship. I shed light on the fact that most people prefer being alone together versus lonely. I didn’t feel like I had a voice then. Sometimes reasoning feels useless and tiring. I’d really rather pick up my guitar and write a sarcastic song. 🙂
AM: What can we expect from Elevated Undergrounds in the future?
G: More shows and releases! We are ready to release more singles very soon. We also plan to have our debut album out by the beginning of 2023.

Elevated Undergrounds: Instagram | TikTok | BandCamp | Spotify

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