Scorned Artist, Scorched Earth: Elevated Undergrounds Release “Less Than”

A little over a year ago, Elevated Undergrounds hit the Vegas music scene and hit the ground running. In just one year, they’ve released four singles and played countless shows both in and out of state. The combination of this strong work ethic, electrifying live shows, and quality songwriting has all culminated in a fast […]

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A Gauzey Night at Eagle Aerie Hall

On President’s Day night, Slow Crush made their stop in Vegas while on tour with Trauma Ray and Death Bells with a special opening by Las Vegas skramz band, Roman Candle. Eagle Aerie Hall was filled with shoegazers who had made the drive down to locally named “Hendertucky” for a gauzy reverbed dreamscape show.  Roman […]

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Mom Cars: A Return to the Idyllic 2010s

Hailing from San Francisco, Mom Cars is a recent addition to the area’s indie-rock scene. Consisting of Brendon Le (lead vox/ rhythm guitar), AJ Derise (vox/bass), Cole Winters (lead guitar), and Jacob Thrasher (drums), Mom Cars is prepping for the release of their new record with their recent singles “Sweaters” and “Artificial,” while also playing […]

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An Interview with SANDMAN SLEEPS | ‘CRISIS ACTOR’ Album Release

We had the chance to speak to Cristina Peck from indie/alt-rock band Sandman Sleeps about their debut album Crisis Actor. The band was originally created by Peck and her bassist sister Alex Peck when they were teens, but between spells of separation and togetherness, the band reconvened with renewed passion in 2019. Sandman Sleeps was then enhanced even more […]

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Rough – VIAL

“This mercury retrograde has got me down,” sings VIAL vocalist Taylor Kraemer in their song ‘Rough’ and I’ve got to say, in regards to this past retrograde, those words have never felt so real. For a song that was written before the pandemic, ‘Rough’ by VIAL really captures the feeling of being years into this […]

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Super Besse – Un Rêve

Super Besse is a post-punk turned coldwave duo from Minsk, Belarus. With their last album Un Rêve (2020), Maksim Kulsha and Aleksandr Sinica combined their original post-punk sound with techno and electronic beats. The shift in sound reflects their interest in electronic music that came before the album’s development. Each song on the album was […]

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For Evelyn

MANY years ago when Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” was all the rage, I told my cousin I’d make her a playlist, but for one reason or another, I never got around to making it. Maybe it was because at that time making a “mix tape” (as one could call it) was time consuming. You […]

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Cage the Elephant – Unpeeled

Earlier this year Cage The Elephant went on their “Live & Unpeeled” tour in selected cities across the US. During this tour they recorded their live performances to create their “Unpeeled” album consisting of 18 of their songs and 3 covers. “Unpeeled” shows a different side of Cage The Elephant as they were accompanied by a […]

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Joywave – Content

We had gotten a taste of "Content", Joywave's newest LP, when they shared a few of the tracks off their album, but we weren't able to get the full effect until now! When you listen to this album it is evident that Joywave puts a lot of thought into their work. If you listen to […]

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