Reincarnate – Witch Fever

From Manchester, UK comes doom-punk quartet Witch Fever. Last October, they released their debut EP ‘Reincarnate’ made up of six songs that tackle the reclamation of power in a misogynistic western society. From this EP comes their single of the same name: ‘Reincarnate’.

When speaking to Upset Magazine, Witch Fever explained that the song began as a sort of break-up anthem, but later became more about liberation and a proclamation of inner power and resilience.

The song perfectly encapsulates my feelings after being in a bad situation a few years ago. I really wish I had this song back then. I’m sure it’d have helped me process and unpack a lot of emotions, but even still, I’m glad I have it now.

Even though I’d say I’m in a much better place, it’s still so liberating to repeatedly scream at the top of your lungs, “After all that I’ve been through / After all that I’ve seen / you won’t break me.”

Listen to Witch Fever’s ‘Reincarnate’ EP below and tell us what you think.

Witch Fever: Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook | Spotify | Apple Music

Source: Upset Magazine

Photo Credit: Debbie Ellis

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