Penguin Slide – ANTI​-​VISION

“Welcome back, failure, you’re my friend. Starting over fresh, just gonna fuck it up again,” opens Las Vegas astronaut rock band Anti-Visions in their latest single ‘Penguin Slide.’

The song was mixed, mastered, recorded, and engineered by Cody Leavitt at Asteroid M Records. On the single, Anti-Vision shared that it’s, “[b]een a real struggle navigating life, and this song was written during the midst of that chaos.”

In the one minute and thirty seconds of ‘Penguin Slide,’ Anti-Vision captures the emotional and mental paralysis that can come from depression. They communicate this inability to function as you’d wish because of your mental state.

Near the end of the song, the lyrics speak about the release and escapism that music can create. The song then closes with a sense of optimism. The opening line is repeated, ‘Welcome back, failure, you’re my friend. Starting over fresh,’ followed by the hopeful words, “I won’t fuck it up again.”

Listen to Penguin Slide below!


Photo: Ashley Hernandez

Source: Facebook

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