Grow – HOAX

HOAX are back and ready to redefine indie pop with their groovy second single Grow!

Grow is about personal growth from a perspective of “being”. Through writing “Grow”, lead vocalist Mike Raj, discovered his own definition of what it means to grow.

Mike says:

“For me… to “Grow” means to reflect on what it means to you to be human; not all the preconceived notions of where your life should go based on others’ opinions or based on what’s going on around you, but rather, real growth happens when you reflect simply on what is important for you to be human.”

To “Grow” means to work every day to be more empathetic and sensitive; listening more instead of talking; being more selfless than selfish. These are the recipes for growth in “being” – well, mine at least.

Listen to Grow below and follow HOAX on: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

– Gaby

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