Lost in Morosis

To many people, Las Vegas is a fantasy land, but deep in the suburban landscape beyond the buzzing Las Vegas fantasy, a growing community of creatives gather to share music.

A relatively new addition to “the scene” is Morosis, a four-piece that self identifies as a “indie/dreampop/shoegaze” band.

Morosis’s songs are written by vocalist and guitarist, Teeko. The music and vocals are soft and calming which masks the melancholy tone of the lyrics. His writing is both vulnerable and honest.

We had the opportunity to ask Teeko a couple questions about who Morosis is and the intricacy behind the lyrics of the “Sleep” and “Lost” demos.

Who makes up Morosis?

So Morosis is me on guitar and vocals, Rob on guitar, Dylan on drums, and Ryan on Bass. I’ve known Rob since highschool and we picked up guitar together after not playing since like middle school. Rob and I met Dylan at a party and then he knew Ryan from work.

What was your writing process when creating the “Lost” and “Sleep” demos? What was your inspiration for each song?

I wrote lost on one my days off. Its probably cliche, but its just about feeling lost in life and not knowing what my purpose is.

Sleep is a bit dramatic lol but I wrote it when my past ex and I started drifting apart. It was like 3am and I couldn’t sleep so I just wrote what I was feeling in the moment. I came up with the instrumentals a while back, so I just pieced the lyrics in.

Check out the latest from Morosis on Soundcloud and follow them on Instagram for more!

Photo credit: @fairphotoss

– Gaby

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