I Want You To Leave Your Body Lyric Video Premiere – The Blonde Tongues

Check out the EXCLUSIVE lyric video premier for The Blonde Tongues’ “I Want You to Leave Your Body!”

I Want You To Leave Your Body is a fast paced track with a nostalgia for the 90’s grunge era.

The energetic pace of the music gives you a sense of excitement which is ironic because the lyrics themselves are about feeling disconnected with oneself.

In less than a minute, The Blonde Tongues were able to capture a feeling that’s quite hard to describe – the feeling of emptiness while also feeling too in touch with the realities of life.

Astr0Mag: How did you come with the idea behind the music video for “Body?”

The Blonde Tongues: We were basically trying to capture our live shows as best and as cheap as possible. It was meant to be super simple and best of all, free!

Astr0Mag: What can you tell us about the song itself?

The Blonde Tongues: Using the metaphor of astral projection, it’s introspective. So like, looking at yourself from the outside in.

We can’t wait to see what The Blonde Tongues have in store with their album release Anxiety Dream, coming  April, Friday the 13th!


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Check out our interview with The Blonde Tongues! 


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