Change, Comfort, and the Essence of “Being” // MOON MOON BABY – HOAX

“Do you ever wake up feeling…

Like everything is strange…”

On August 31st, self-described “empathy pop” sad boys HOAX released their latest single Moon Moon Baby! 

This indie pop rock “existential crisis” song is a sort of adult lullaby with “reassurance that everything is going to be alright (Mike).”

The lyrics are about the human search for purpose through the state of being versus the state of doing.

“Moon Moon Baby is the person, place, or activity that lets you exist outside of time and think purely of who you are (which is self-defined) and allows you to determine what you want to see changed (HOAX).”

Moon Moon Baby was written after, vocalist Michael Raj and bassist Frantz Cesar took a trip to India – “the land of be” as they described it. This trip changed their understanding about how things in life worked. The people they interacted with on their trip were more concerned about community and their inner self rather than what is categorized as important in the US. Though we do hold these values in our “Westernized” society, we place more importance in the things people do, than who they are as individuals. We, in some way have lost our sense of self and selflessness. This song, though it is reassurance, is a wake up call as well. It tells us to take a step back to understand ourselves and make the changes we need. Moon Moon Baby is a state of peace and inspiration that 20 something year olds need because:

Just because we are “grown-ups”, it doesn’t mean we don’t need someone to tell us: 

“Everything is going to be alright (HOAX).” 

Listen to “Moon Moon Baby on your preferred streaming site! 

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// Gaby

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