Cage the Elephant – Unpeeled

Earlier this year Cage The Elephant went on their “Live & Unpeeled” tour in selected cities across the US. During this tour they recorded their live performances to create their “Unpeeled” album consisting of 18 of their songs and 3 covers.

“Unpeeled” shows a different side of Cage The Elephant as they were accompanied by a string quartet, multiple percussions, and even a choir. What’s special about this album is that since it was recorded live, it captures Matt Shultz’s natural vocals – keeping the album honest and raw.

When I first heard about their acoustic tour, I really didn’t know what to expect. Who would’ve known that we would one day get a Cage the Elephant song with a violin solo?  I sure didn’t, but I’m glad we did!

Listen to Cage The Elephants newest album “Unpeeled” and leave us a comment below! What songs are your favorite?



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