Joywave – Content

We had gotten a taste of "Content", Joywave's newest LP, when they shared a few of the tracks off their album, but we weren't able to get the full effect until now!

When you listen to this album it is evident that Joywave puts a lot of thought into their work. If you listen to "Content" in order, you'll realize that these songs flow beautifully. The transits between each track create a feeling that they aren't 11 songs but one whole being.

Listening to this album gives you a sense of several emotions. The first song, Content, starts off slow, but a quarter through, you're hit with an almost overwhelming amount of energy that continues until Confidence, a short song featuring Daniel's dreamy voice and a piano. This serves as a fine break halfway through the album.

The rest of "Content" varies in energy. When you reach the end of When You're Bored, the mood suddenly changes. The album is closed out with Thanks. Thanks for Coming and the dreamy, Let's Talk About Feelings, where we are once again met with Daniel and a piano.

Joywave has created an amazing album. We couldn't have asked for anything more than Content.

Give it a listen and share your thoughts below!

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