A Head Full of Stars: Rhaina Yasmin Releases New Single

Las Vegas-based indie artist, Rhaina Yasmin, released her latest single “Stars” in late February. The heavily nostalgic and dreamy tune is straight out of an early 2000s rom-com.

You know, the part where the main character is in their cute New York City apartment reflecting on their questionable life decisions thus far? It’s raining outside of course. Their world is crumbling around them, but it’s okay because Rhaina Yasmin’s single, “Stars,” is playing in the background. Right on the breakdown, they’re suddenly running outside, twirling around in the rain, drenching themselves in a liquid epiphany. “Stars” will make you feel like the main character. 

“Darkness is a place where the fine lines will grow…”

Reminiscent of Michelle Branch, Liz Phair, or more contemporary artists like Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail, Rhaina Yasmin delicately reflects on her fleeting youth through yearning vocals and expressive lyricism.

“The days are dying, my bones are growing slow. I’ve got a head full of stars…”

“Stars” is available for streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music, and more. We highly recommend it. 

Rhaina Yasmin: Instagram | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music

Article by: Erika Nunez

Photos By: Astro


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