The Red Sea Release “Gate Of Tears”

The Red Sea is a 5-piece band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They find their space to exist between their love for the abrasive, ominous sounds of post punk and the pristine, beautiful precision found in the R&B of the past and present. 

Guitarist and vocalist Isaac Hagos started the band in 2021 with long time friend and collaborator Nathan Carballo. Keyboardist Cesar Esparza, bassist Freddy Garcia, and guitarist Blessing Mozdro joined soon after. 

Today, they’ve released their single “GATE OF TEARS,” the first of 2023 following the release of their debut EP OBSCURA (2022). “GATE OF TEARS” carries elements of OBSCURA but shows the band’s more confident lean towards the use of synth, really selling their new wave sound to their listeners. Gate of Tears feels like a lullaby with Isaac’s spacey vocals as he sings about his struggle to understand a relationship. We follow as his analysis transforms into a reflection of himself. The guitar breakdown at 1:30 of the song drives the emotion home, creating a heaviness that comes with the uncertainty of a relationship. This is followed by a modified chorus that instead of saying, “Was I the fool to let you drag me around?” changes to, “Was I the fool to let you down again.”

Listen to Gate of Tears and keep up with The Red Sea below. 

The Red Sea: Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Apple Music


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