Ha Vay, Elevated Undergrounds, and Madison Deaver at the Griffin

Chaotic winds and dust storms didn’t stop the show from going on at the Griffin this past Tuesday night on February 21st. Touring band Hay Vay from San Francisco joined local bands Elevated Undergrounds and Madison Deaver. The crowd was decently sized considering the weather conditions. Outside, Fremont street was nearly empty, everyone inside avoiding raging winds. 

Madison Deaver
Gabbi Fisher (Elevated Undergrounds)

Madison Deaver opened the show with sparking energy. Her high-powered performance included singles “C U in Hell,” “Denim,” and “That’s What She Said,” all currently available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. 

Elevated Undergrounds kept the energy going despite missing their bass player, June, who was unfortunately out sick. Yet, the band didn’t disappoint, delivering bright, gritty vocals and smooth, punchy guitar solos. Gabbi (vocalist) and Fez (guitarist) are hard to keep your eyes off of. Their performance had the crowd amped. Their head-banging single “Gimme Love” and other singles are available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. 

Closing the show on a bittersweet, dreamy note, Ha Vay gave a more stripped down performance with just Ha Vay (vocalist) and Elliott (guitarist). Ha Vay’s music is saccharine with an edge, resonating with nostalgia and angst. Las Vegas was lucky to host this up-and-coming San Francisco-born duo and hope they’ll be back soon! They continued their small tour in Reno and will be finishing up back home in San Francisco. Stream their most recent album ROMANCE HYPERACTIVE on Spotify and Apple Music. 

Ha Vay

Stay updated with Madison Deaver, Elevated Undergrounds, and Ha Vay on Instagram for future gigs and music releases. 

Ha Vay: Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | BandCamp | Spotify | Apple Music

Elevated UndergroundsInstagram | BandCamp | Spotify

Madison Deaver: Instagram | Spotify

Article by: Erika Nunez

Photos By: Astro


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