Tree of New LIfe | Baum Baum – Beautiful Machines

Last month, electronic synthwave duo Beautiful Machines released “Baum Baum,” a cold, synth-drenched tale about life starting anew after a catastrophe.

“Baum Baum,” came about while Stefanie Ku and Conrad Schuman of Beautiful Machines were on a three-month writing hiatus. The idea for the song suddenly came to Schuman during a writing session in Berlin after learning that there were thousands of unexploded bombs left over from World War II still posing a potential threat to the city. With “Baum” translating to Tree in German, the song title itself serves as a play on words. The “tree” represents new life, while at the same time, the pounding ‘boom’ of the techno bass serves as a sonic onomatopoeia to the song.  

“Baum Baum” follows Beautiful Machines previous singles “Control” and “Survive” from their upcoming album Singularity, a synth-pop art experience. An act of synthesis that blends technology with art, the digital with the humane, Singularity is not only an album, but it’s also an experience – a continually updating project that spans music, visuals, and performance.

Listen to “Baum Baum” and tell us what you think!

Beautiful Machines: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

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