Grivo Trudges West: A relic of another desert arrives to the Usual Place

Last Saturday, Austin-based shoegaze band Grivo made their way into the Las Vegas desert for the first time. With the help of Still Life Replica, Morosis, Luxury Furniture Store, and Elfearz, Grivo created an unforgettable night! 

The night kicked off with progressive rock band Still Life Replica who played a mix of old and new songs. This was their first show of the year, and they did not hold back! They started off with “Miscreants” from their EP Flat (2020), followed by “Agent White” and “Code Blue” from their latest release Strange Latency (2022). They ended their set with “Inverse Oceans” from Flat, leaving the crowd energetic and ready for what was to come.

Next up was nugaze band Morosis. They started off their set with a few unreleased songs. Even without previously hearing these three songs, the crowd was completely captivated by their sound and energy. They ended their set with “Reverie” and “Writhe,” both from their album Saturnine (2021).

After Morosis was nugoth band Luxury Furniture Store – (one of my personal favorites) a trio that never disappoints. They started their set with “Slow Death and Exposition” followed by “Myoclonic Fall,” and “IV” – all from their LP Bedrot (2021). They then switched it up and played some of their older songs – “Warming Up,” “Rainbow Wheel of Death,” and “Crimson Lovers.”

Finally, the moment arrived: GRIVO. They started off their set with “H.D.C.” From Elude (2018) and then went into Trammel and Fatigue from their latest LP Omit (2022). They ended their set with “Room” which was a transcendent experience, to say the least. The crowd was entirely consumed by the music from beginning to end. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd move to music so in sync. 

Elfearz’ finale was an exclusive for the midnight revelers. A last-minute addition to the lineup, despite having a set well past midnight, she did not let the energy of the venue die. Elfearz played her songs “Enchanted Tyrant,” “Angel Beat,” and “TERF!” She ended the night with “Cister” and “Malice.” 

Anyone who was there to experience Elfearz set was in luck. It was a perfect continuation to the buzzing energy of the night and it would bring the show to a close, leaving the audience feeling quite satisfied.

If you haven’t made it out to a show put together by Black Sheep Booking, you most definitely should. They always curate great lineups that showcase the immense talent across the Vegas Valley while welcoming great bands from out of state!


Black Sheep Booking: Tickets 

Morosis: May 13 @ Artifice 

Elfearz: May 14th @ 11th Street

Luxury Furniture Store: May 28th 

Grivo: Instagram | Facebook | BandCamp | Spotify | Merch

Still Life Replica: Instagram | Facebook | BandCamp | Spotify 

Morosis: Instagram | Twitter | BandCamp | Spotify | Merch

Luxury Furniture Store: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | BandCamp | YouTube | SoundCloud | Spotify 

Elfearz: Instagram 

Black Sheep Booking: Instagram | Photography Instagram | Twitter

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