Aurora Boreal

Earlier this month, Señor Kino from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, released their third full-length album Aurora Boreal. The album comes with great anticipation as it was meant to be released more than a year ago but was put on hold because of the pandemic. 

With this LP, Señor Kino isn’t completely moving away from their surf-punk roots, but is experimenting with something new. Aurora Boreal is both dreamy and mellow, falling more within the dream-pop shoegaze genre. Lyrically, Aurora Boreal connects the emotional human world with nature and the cosmos. Listening to it creates a sense of nostalgia for cool summer nights out with friends.

My favorite songs off the album are the instrumental “Sueño,” “Hora de Dormir,” and “No Hay Prisa.” Listen to Aurora Boreal below and tell us which song is your favorite!  

Follow Señor Kino on Bandcamp and Instagram and catch them on tour with Beach Goons this fall!

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