Girls Bite Harder

I’ve been on a Soma Cake kick for almost two weeks now. I came across their discography during my long search for Latine/x post-punk bands. Though I found many great bands along the way (many of which will make their way onto the blog at some point) Soma Cake is the band that really stuck with me. 

Soma Cake is a self-identified gothic reggaetón duo from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Jose Chavez is on vocals and guitar while Alexis Rios is on bass. I’ve scoured through the internet looking for any additional information on this two-piece but, all I found was their Facebook and many reviews praising their work. Regardless of their limited media presence, Soma Cake is a band you need to check out. My car’s speakers have been filled with their post-punk shoegaze LP Girls Bite Harder and yours should too.

Listen to Soma Cake below and follow their Bandcamp to stay updated on their next release.

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