Forever Dumb in Vegas

10/17 – Surf Curse @ The Vinyl

The first band to take the stage was I Experienced Love. They made their way onto the stage under a super low blue light. The upbeat music began and what was to come was unexpected, but in a good way of course. With the way the music was going, I was expecting the vocals to be more soft and “indie” per say, but what they delivered was some almost “haunted” sounding low vocals. It was sick! It was as if T-Pain went 80s post punk.

Dirt Buyer was second on the line up. The lead singers pink hair and glittery makeup matched the energy he gave throughout the performance.

The trio had a song titled “Dirt Buyer Theme Song” which was quite soothing. It made me chuckle though, as their name was in the song. Not many artists can say they have their own theme song!

Their whole discography reminded me of something that would be on the soundtrack for the movie “Heathers.” I loved it!

The time for Surf Curse finally came and that’s when the crowd got rowdy. The room was packed! Fans were crowd surfing and landing on stage to dance with the band briefly – before kindly being escorted off by security. It was a chaotic good atmosphere.

Throughout the first couple of songs, one of the cymbals on the drum kit fell off, but as true champs they are, they kept on rocking out.

Even though it did almost take out our clueless photographer.


Some of the band originated from the Vegas Valley so it was a special show. Their family and friends came to see the performance and they dedicated a couple of songs to them.

Something I found quite funny was that Jacob Rubeck, who is a Vegas native, wore a t-shirt saying “I Hate This Town.” Yeah, he’s worn it at other shows, but the fact that it was here in their hometown made it different. The happy vibes of the show in contrast with the words on the shirt encompasses the mutual feeling Vegas kids have. We hate this town, but we will always have a soft spot for it.

Towards the end of the set, front man Nick Rattigan jumped into the pit to sing with the crowd. You could see the passion and excitement in everyone as they got to sing their hearts out.

This was truly an amazing show! All three groups are definite must sees if you ever get the chance!

-elisa & gaby

Photos by @astr0blaster

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