The Soundtrack of the Decade

With the decade coming to an end and other publications posting their top albums of the decade, I was inspired to do the same. I decided to curate a list of the albums of this decade that have stayed with me all this time; the albums that I can honestly say, have shaped me as a person. You may not think they’re the “best,” but to me, they meant and continue to mean so much.

So here it is, The Soundtrack of my Decade:

(excluding songs from before 2010)

Allstar Weekend – Suddenly Yours (2010)

Grimes – Halfaxa (2010)

Allstar Weekend – All The Way (2011)

  • Allstar Weekend was the first band I traveled out of state for and the only band I’ve done it for more than once. They assisted in creating some of the best moments and friendships I have ever had.

Foster the People – Torches (2011)

  • The soundtrack to Spring Break 2015
(“Waste” is missing in the Youtube playlist)

Sky Ferreira – Ghost (2012)

Friends – Manifest! (2012)

Grimes – Visions (2012)

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die (2012)

Cage The Elephant – Melophobia (2013)

  • The moment I heard the first note in Spiderhead, my life changed forever.

Bastille – Bad Blood (2013)

  • I’m just going to say it, this is one of the best albums of the decade. Seeing songs from this album performed live was a transcendental experience.

Lorde – The Love Club EP (2013)

The Neighbourhood – I Love You. (2013)

The Lumineers Self Titled Album (2013)

  • 2013 was a really good year for music huh?

Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Balcony (2014)

Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Ride (2016) 

Hunny – Windows I (2017)

Billie Eilish – Don’t Smile At Me (2017)

Hunny – Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. (2019)

  • Did I mention I like Hunny?

Honorable mention to The Frights, Portugal. The Man, Grouplove, Sadgirl, The Regrettes, and of course One Direction for also being massive parts of my life this decade. I didn’t include their albums/ EPs because I would’ve had to include their entire discography’s into the list.


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