Middle of Somewhere in Vegas

10/11/2019 – It was day one of The Neighbourhood’s “Middle of Somewhere Tour” at the Chelsea Theater in The Cosmopolitan Casino of Las Vegas.

Claud was the first to hit the stage, starting the show off with some “dancey” mellow vibes. They had a soft and sweet voice which contributed to the mellifluous music.


It happened to be National Coming Out Day so near the end of their set, they played “Wish You Were Gay.” Some fans waved plastic fans in the air that were printed with rainbows. The song was definitely one of my favorite parts of the show. The atmosphere felt warm, inviting, and full of love.

Jane Holiday

Jane Holiday was up next. They took control of the crowd with their stage presence and happy energy. The band ended the set with a groovy tune that made everyone dance!

Now for the third and final act: The NBHD.

Wow! Oh wow! Let me tell you, I thought we came to just see a band perform, but we got some Cirque De Soleil action as well!

img_1893Chip Chrome – lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s persona for this era of The NBHD – began the set with the song “Middle of Somewhere.” With guitar in hand, he stood centerstage in front of a black fabric backdrop. A light shone down on him, capturing the entire venues attention.


When the song ended, the rest of the band made their way onto the stage looking dapper as hell in reflective suits.

As the night went on, Jesse would swing across the stage from a chain hanging from the ceiling. It was such a fun thing to see and experience live!

During “Greetings from California,” he showed the crowd his acrobatic skills by hanging upside down from the chain.

Sources told us spider-man was seen somewhere quaking. (It was us. We are the source)

The NBHD really are breaking outside of the barriers. There aren’t many bands that do theatrical work like The NBHD, especially in smaller venues like The Chelsea. They truly are bringing in original live content.


They ended the night with the high energy “Stuck With Me.” The floor in the venue is notoriously known to bounce when the crowd jumps and I’ve got to tell you, the floor was MOVING.

Chip Chrome, is a shining light that not only reflects the spotlight, but that radiates true talent no matter the size of the stage, along with the rest of the band of course! The dudes in The NBHD always kill it! They always seem to top their previous performances. The Middle of Somewhere tour is something you won’t want to miss!


-elisa & gaby

photos by gaby