Ryan Nelson – Easy Money

We were able to talk to Ryan Nelson about his latest single Easy Money.

Tell us a little bit about your song Easy Money.

 “Easy Money is my attempt to make a song with simple and sparse instrumentation without using any electric or acoustic guitar. Guitar is the instrument that I’m most comfortable with, so by forcing myself to produce a song without it, I feel like I’m testing my abilities and looking at composition in a different way than usual.

I wanted to stick with simple and intimate production when it came to the vocals as well…I’m not much of a singer so it’s tough to fight the urge to layer a lot vocals tracks, edit them heavily, and bury them in the mix. But I couldn’t accomplish the overall sound I was going for without just having a very simple, raw, vocal track that is right up front in the mix.

Where’s the speaking part in the bridge from?

The speaking during the bridge is taken from an interview with Dr. Carl Jung from the 1950s. Jung’s writings on psychology, philosophy, and the concept of syncronicity have influenced me quite a bit and I felt the topic he was speaking was fitting to the song.

Tell us about the artwork used in the video.

The art in the YouTube video is a picture I took of a some “graffiti” on a piece of plywood that was boarding up broken windows on a derelict hotel in Astoria Oregon. I don’t know who the artist is but I thought it was great.

Will you be releasing any more music in the future?

As far as releasing more music…I’m always working on something and I just post on my YouTube page as songs are finished.

Listen to Easy Money below and tell us what you think! Do you like the overall flow of it?


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