1980s Horror FILM

These days car rides are rare. It’s even more uncommon for me to be behind the wheel, on my own, and to have complete control of the music. I’ve been sticking to my usual most played songs for the past few months, but yesterday I said enough is enough. I scrolled and scrolled through Spotify – putting my real priorities aside – trying to find something to listen to until I saw the “This is Wallows” playlist.

Let me tell you, I had forgotten how much I liked Wallows. Their music is just so mellow and fun. Some songs give you an almost Ezra Koenig vibe (maybe due to Braeden’s voice?). Others an almost dreamy DIY kind of feel (These Days).

The song that I can’t seem to stop playing is “1980s Horror Film II.” As the II implies, this the second version released of the song, the first being released in the Spring EP.

From the beginning, the song seems like any other teenage love song – Wallows being self aware of their cliche lyrics as they sing “She was only 17 / Why are girls in songs always 17?” As the song progresses, you get invested in this “is she into him” narrative. You’re at the edge of your seat waiting for him to make his move. When he finally does, you’re hit with a twist.

If you haven’t already, listen to “1980s Horror Film II” by Wallows below. What’s your favorite song by Wallows?

Photo Credit: @Anthonypham


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