BRONCHO – Bad Behavior

I know I know, we may be a little late to the game but have y’all heard of BRONCHO?

(in all caps don’t forget that its important)

I recently just discovered them and have been obsessed with their latest album “Bad Behavior” which came out back in 2018. Now let me tell you, it is rare to find an album where I will not skip at least one song.

Admit it, even with some of your most favorite artists you sometimes need to skip at least ONE song.

This album though, beginning to end has such an addictive sounds. Each song has something I love in it for a different reason. For example, the guitar bits in the beginning of “Sandman” – such a beautiful riff.

One of my favorites has to be “Boys Got to Go.” It’s such a romantic and seductive sounding song, which according to the lyrics is basically what the song is about. It is the older cooler indie rock sister of Ariana Grandes’ “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.” My second favorite has to be “All Choked Up.”

This band is definitely underrated! Make sure to give ‘em a listen!


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