How Could This b Life?

On June 13th, “empathy pop” band HOAX released the first single from their upcoming album “b?.”

The song “Could” has a dreamy and sweet sound, but once you actually listen to the lyrics


you’re hit with an existential crisis.

“Could” highlights the essence of being by asking the questions everyone must eventually ask themselves.

Unless they want to look back at life with eyes of regret.

The b_ Manifesto - Mike & Frantz 2

“Could” is not only the first single of the album, but the first narrative of many that follow 13 different characters who have been thrown together in the aftermath of an otherworldly series of events.

Hoax’s music thematically focuses on the human condition, explorations of social constructs, and the decisions people make based from them, all tucked underneath pop melodies.

Give “Could” a listen, check out the album website, and tell us what you think!

– Gaby

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