It’s Not a Christmas Album, It’s a State of Mind | Long List of No Hits – Isaac Kuhlman

Long List of No Hits is an album made entirely by Isaac Kuhlman. This means it was written, composed, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, AND mastered just by him.

Insane right?

This rock album was created through the belief that artists shouldn’t have to stick with one sound especially since rock has a wide array of sounds. Isaac believes that people should play what they like to listen to “even if it is way different from the last song that was made.” Because of this, every one of his songs sounds different than the rest.

What makes this album truly special is that every song was written at different points of his life. I remember being over and he’d be looking through his old things trying to find the songs he wrote when he was younger. He then narrowed his choices down and thus “Long List of No Hits” was born.

I can also tell you this, he put a lot of hard work and time to makes these tracks.

I mean c’mon he did EVERYTHING. He would even go out of his way to listen to them over and over again in the car to make sure it sounded PERFECT all around.

If you want to hear it for yourself, pre-order the album today and you’ll get a personal thank you video AND your name will be added to the album’s liner notes.

Plus, you’ll get to listen to two songs before anyone else, including one related to Die Hard. Who wouldn’t want that?

Check out “Die Hard’s Not A Christmas Movie (It’s a State of Mind) below and pre-order the album, available February 5th. 

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