Twin Peaks – In the Meadow/ We Will Not Make It (Not Without You)

In early December, Twin Peaks released the last set of their “Sweet ’17 Single Series and it couldn’t have ended in a better way.

The first of the two songs in this set is In the Meadow, a tune with hazy vocals and an uplifting melody that transports you to a different time. The lyrics themselves have a sense of longing and a feeling of melancholy.

We Will Not Make It (Not Without You) is Twin Peaks way of saying thank you to their listeners in a unique way. It’s a piano led, simple tune that has a sense of intimacy. It’s mostly instrumental besides the repeated lyric “we will not make it, not without you.”

What was your favorite song out of the series? Listen to the first set of songs from the “Sweet ’17 Singles Series.”


The compilation LP for the series will be officially released on February 9th.

Photo Credit: Twin Peaks 

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