DEATH GRIPS – Bottomless Pit

“When I started high school in 2013, I found out about Death Grips. Before coming across their music, my favorite artist was morrissey. They’ve been my favorite band ever since.

I heard that they were a mix of punk and rap, and had unconventional lyrics, which intrigued me. I’ve never heard another musical group quite like them before. I related to them right from the start. They discussed complex emotions, such as mental illness, isolation, transgression, etc…

Bottomless Pit isn’t their best album, but it’s my favorite album of 2016, next to Flatbush Zombies’ 3001: A Laced Odyssey, and Young Thug’s Slime Season 3.

I feel like “Bottomless Pit” is a lot better than “The Powers That B”, the double feature album that Death Grips released before they broke up. It’s very similar to their album “The Money Store” in terms of production and writing style.

I’d say the top three tracks in “Bottomless Pit” are:

  • Eh,
  • Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood,
  • and Spikes.

I really can’t pinpoint why they’re my favorite songs on the album, other than the fact that they show the range they have in terms of having aggressive, mellow, and simply odd, but great songwriting.”

-Jordan @julienstrangler

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