Melted Ice Cream – Beach Love

Melted Ice Cream’s Beach Love (2019) LP has been my go-to comfort album lately. It’s a surf dream-pop album about falling in love in the summer. If you haven’t noticed by my last few posts, that’s been the vibe lately (lol). 

You honestly can’t go wrong with any track on this album. They’re all great stand-alone songs, but listening to them in order is my absolute favorite. It starts off with Vacaciones, which has this bright and happy feeling to it. It’s like arriving at the beach on a warm sunny morning. The transition from each song to the next works perfectly. They range between English and Spanish, with the vocalists taking turns on each track keeps the listener interested. 

The album ends with Valentine’s Day followed by Valentine’s Day Acoustic. You’d think that it wouldn’t work because I mean, why would you want to listen to the same song in a row? Well, that is far from the truth. Both versions have their own charm and unique sound that really brings the album to a perfect close without the feeling of repetitiveness. The acoustic version of Valentine’s Day is a good come-down to the album. Like watching the sunset after a long day at the beach.  

Listen to Beach Love below and tell us what your favorite song on the album is!   

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