Hands Down – The Greeting Committee

I know I swore, I said,


“I’ll never love again.”


But man, oh man, you’re my best friend.

Hands Down is one of my favorite songs – which is something I’ll probably say about every song I post. Lets’s be real here.

This song in particular though is just so light, upbeat, and happy that every time it comes on, I can’t help, but dance and sing along.

Hands Down is about coming out of a bad situation and into a new place ruled by unconditional love.

Though the idea of unconditional love can seem sweet, I feel like in this instance in particular, the person is too dependent on their significant other. They’re relying all their happiness onto this one person, to the point that they’re considering them a part of them.

“Your the best thing about me.”

“I look up to you, because you look after me.”

When read, these words can come off as toxic, but in the song they’re masked by the upbeat music and the rest of the sweet lyrics.

On Genius, The Greeting Committee wrote, “Hands Down” was written to express the joy that comes from unconditional, ever-present loves, whether that takes place in a family or romantic setting.”

So maybe I’m just looking too much into it.

What are your thoughts?


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