Quantum Waves – Polar (Official Music Video)

On January 18th, Miami based duo, Quantum Waves released their single Polar. The “Alternative Electronic” group created this “melancholy” track to give their listeners a sense of comfort in a state of tension and unfavorable acceptance.

Bryan and Nick, the members of Quantum Waves, used the textures of cold pads, electric pianos, washed-out drums, and hollow body guitars to create this relaxing and uplifting sound.

The song title was created from the idea of coming face to face with a “fork in the road” and the possible alternative outcomes that each decision may lead to.

When speaking about Polar, Quantum Waves stated:

“Our perspective of the piece comes from the analysis in retrospect of certain aspects of our lives which could have gone other (possibly more favorable) routes, but we are forced to accept the outcome that has happened.”

Check out the official music video for Polar who’s visuals are simple-yet-enticing, and tell us what you think. 


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